frequently asked questions

orders & shipping

how do I become a wholesaler for your products?

we are thrilled you’d like to offer our product in your shop! we ask that you please complete the new wholesaler form prior to placing your first order so we can have some information about your business. once the form has been submitted, go ahead and place an order! be sure to follow the minimums listed below.

what are your minimums for wholesale?

each order you place with us must total $100 or more. product minimums are noted on each individual product, but the general rules are:

  • 6 of a single card

  • 6 of a boxed set

  • 3 of an individual journal

how quickly will my order arrive?

your ship date depends on the number of products you order and their current availability. unless we tell you otherwise, your items will be shipped within two weeks of your order date. shipping time applies. large volume orders may have a longer wait time. if you select a ship date in the future, you will still be charged upon order, not upon shipment of your order.

can you rush ship my order?

yes, but please call us before placing your order to confirm product availability.

tell me more about your handmade paper!

we make our handmade paper in house using recycled cotton remnants from the garment industry. we charge our vats with water and cotton fibers, draw our molds and deckles through this slurry nearly 70 times per day, then drain, deposit (couch) onto lightweight felts, and press the post of wet sheets under hydraulic pressure. we air dry these sheets overnight and pull them from the felts each morning into deckled stacks of rough edged handmade paper, with stunning surface texture.

do you make custom paper?

yes! we offer custom sizes and shapes to fit your needs. get in touch for more information.

what’s up with the seed paper?

we mix alyssum, yarrow, and chamomile seeds into our handmade cotton paper to create biodegradable products that bloom into beautiful flowers. this paper is currently used in our petite wildflower wishes and is also available for custom work.

can i run your handmade paper through my printer?

No - this paper is designed for letterpress and will not perform well in an ink jet or laser printer.