a note on 2019 pricing:

Happy New Year and Thank You for supporting our Hand-Papermaking and letterpress printing endeavors of almost 30 years! 

Jennifer and I started making paper on the Oregon Coast shortly after we got married and we have been following that same winding path of creativity with an vital staff of about 15 full time artisans in the thriving urban environment of Portland, Oregon. We recently have added a seven pound Raina pulp beater for paper production and a second Heidelberg with a large foil attachment for custom orders, as well as other social stationery products.

With the increase cost in tools, materials, labor and rent we will be increasing our boxed and single card prices this year by 25 to 50 cents per card, depending on the line. The price increase will take place on January 29th so you still have a few weeks to purchase our products without a price increase online, from your local rep, or by phone or fax. We also have some discontinued product currently available on our website with a 25% discount. 

Please look for us with new products this year at both NY Now events, NAMTA in San Antonio TX and Mason et Object in Paris in September.

Thank you again for your support.

- ron rich, principal