Introducing Handmade Watercolor Paper


This month, Oblation Papers & Press is proud to release our own line of archival-quality watercolor paper, handmade in our historic Pearl District location.

In doing so, we will become the only company to manufacture watercolor paper on the west coast, and one of the few companies in the world to offer 100% handmade, vegan watercolor paper, crafted from recycled materials.

Most watercolor paper is machine-made and often uses animal products for surface pigment retention, called sizing. In contrast, we use vegan sizing and white cotton fiber recycled from the garment industry. The result is a pH-neutral, beautifully textured paper with excellent absorption and strength.

As handmade watercolor paper has become less available, we felt it could be a natural extension of what we have been doing, present us with a new art materials market to explore, and be a way to add to the collective creative good
— jennifer rich, owner
  • A local, soft launch will occur 2/16/2019 in our Portland shop between 2:00 – 5:00 pm and will include paper making demonstrations and watercolor painting.

master paper maker kalin stoev.JPG

“It has been a joy to make this paper and to be able to use it myself,” said Kalin Stoev, who has served as our master paper maker for over ten years. With a master’s degree in mural painting from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria, Stoev put several variations of the paper to rigorous testing before settling on the current formula, which he says compares to the highest quality European papers. “If you are a watercolor artist, you will fall in love with this paper,” he added.

“We hope that our watercolor paper will provide a delightful new painting experience for experienced artists, students, and those who just love to play with texture and color,” says Jennifer.